How to access aged care services in your own home

How to access aged care services in your own home

Aged care isn’t like it used to be. The federal government has come a long way in helping to change the landscape so that the seniors in our community can stay at home and be more independent for longer. Today’s aged care services can be delivered in the person’s own home and may be subsidised by the government’s Home Care Packages to make them more financially accessible. Instead of thinking ahead to residential aged care, have you given any thought to hiring an independent support person to provide home care for you?

Note: If you are reading this right now, you may be a person looking to engage an aged care support worker for yourself. Or you may be a friend or relative of a person who needs an aged care support worker. To keep things simple, we have presented this information in a way that talks to the actual Client, the person who will be receiving the support.

Freedom, fun and familiarity

The beauty of home care is that you can stay in your familiar environment, surrounded by your treasured belongings and be assisted to live the life you want. Aged care is about so much more than dispensing your medication and helping you get around with a walking frame if you use one. There’s a world of opportunity awaiting you!

There’s nothing so precious as being able to live where you want to live. You have your lovely pets, your friendly neighbours and your own comfy bed. But sometimes, it can become difficult to do everything you need to do, and that’s where home care comes in. Your aged care support worker can be your companion and play a round of cards with you to stave off loneliness. Enjoy a few laughs, go for an outing in the sunshine, explore a new skill together.

Instead of being cooped up at home with only the TV for company, you can be out in the world sipping cappuccinos, taking a gentle yoga class or attending a flower show. Your support worker can even accompany you on an overnight stay to get away or a week-long holiday!

Age may just be a number but living well and enjoying life is possible, whatever the number of candles you have on your birthday cake.

Don’t settle for a shut-in life!

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Healthy living services

Being able to live independently relies on keeping your health in good shape. Daily showering and grooming are important for hygiene and help you feel better too. Your independent support person from Mable can assist you with this as well as guiding you through any exercises that have been recommended by a doctor or other professional.

Help around the home

When your home feels clean, tidy and comfortable, the whole world feels brighter. When you have home care, you’ll always feel happy welcoming friends and family in for a visit. You can ask for help with cleaning, laundry, nutritious meal prep and so much more to keep you well and thriving.

A support worker can do some spring cleaning for you, hose down your back deck, mow your lawn, trim the hedges, clean out the gutters and wash your windows.


Medical care

Of course, you may want your home care to offer you more comprehensive aged care services too. You may have medical needs that require the attention of a nurse such as diabetes or dressing wounds. On the Mable platform, you’ll find qualified nursing professionals who can be there for you.

Sound good?

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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions aside from the ones shown below, we welcome your call on 1300 73 65 73.

How much does in home aged care cost?  

It depends on what type of care or support you are after.

For personal care the average rate is $35.3 at the time of writing and the range is $30 – $40* approx.
Personal care services include: Showering, Dressing, Grooming, Manual Transfer and Mobility, Assist with Medication, Care Assessment, Planning, Coordination, Exercise Assistance, Toileting, Hoist & Transfer, Palliative Care, Light Massage, Assistance with Eating.

Please note that Mable supplies a price guide of what a typical agreement covers. Other support services such as nursing may be slightly higher at $35- $45 an hour

How do you qualify for aged care?

Aged care services refer to support provided to older Australians in either an aged care or nursing home, or in their own home. The minimum qualifying age to receive government-funded aged care services is 65 (50 for those who identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person). Exceptions may be made for some people to access aged care at a younger age. In order to qualify, you must be assessed and be found to need help to do the things you used to do.

What home help is available for the elderly?

Elderly Australians can access a wide array of aged care services, from companionship and social engagement through to nursing services. A support person can provide help with toileting, showering and dressing, doing the shopping, taking the client to appointments, preparing meals, changing dressings, cleaning the home and even outdoor tasks such as lawn mowing and weeding.

How does the cost of in-home aged care compare to a nursing home?

While cost is not the only consideration when it comes to choosing between residential aged care and home care, it is important, of course. If you are eligible or have been approved for a Home Care Package, you can use it towards either option, which relieves some of the financial pressure.

On average, the cost to move into residential aged care is approximately $350,000. Depending on the facility you choose, it could be as high as $500,000. In addition, there is an annual care fee which works out to be $46.87 per day and could be as high as $211 per day depending on your personal financial situation.

Furthermore, if you own your own home, you may have to surrender the equity in your property in order to secure a place in a residential care facility.

The cost of in-home aged care services is vastly lower even if you only take into consideration the initial fee in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. You pay only by the hour and only for the services you use, and your Home Care Package can help to offset your costs.

What services are offered by an aged care support worker?

Mable’s aged care Clients have a wide range of different needs, from social support and help around the home through to allied health services, mobility and toileting.

You may need your support worker to prepare meals for you, walk your dog, clean your bathroom and kitchen, water your plants and do your washing. You may need someone to drive you to appointments, run errands for you, go through your mail and help you pay bills.

You can even access social support and enjoy coffee outings, friendly in-home visits and trips to the movies or the Botanic Gardens.

Higher needs Clients can get help with continence including toileting and stoma care, or require in-home physiotherapy, mobility exercises and podiatry. We’re here for you with a comprehensive range of aged care services to keep you healthy, happy and independent.

Does the rate for aged care services change between weekend and overnight stays?

This depends on the individual support worker. Each person sets their own availability and fees. When you approach a support person on the Mable platform, be sure to ask them about any differences in their fees.

What aged care funding am I eligible for?

The first step in finding out about home care packages is to visit the government’s MyAgedCare website. There, you will find links to apply online for an eligibility assessment, or you can call 1800 200 422. Once you’ve had your assessment – which is done face-to-face – you will be informed as to the outcome.

Aged care assessment is the domain of the federal government and Mable has no involvement in the process or outcome.

What happens to elderly Australians who have no money?

The federal government assists elderly Australians through its My Aged Care department. All clients are expected to pay a portion of the cost of their aged care services, even if they are on a pension. For those aged over 65 and on a low income or who have few or zero assets, they are most likely to be eligible for a full age pension. In this case, the government will cover most daily aged care costs. Financially disadvantaged people will never be denied a service if they can’t pay for it. Read more here.

What qualifications does someone that provides aged care have?

It varies greatly depending upon the aged care support worker. Some don’t have formal qualifications but provide home care tasks, companionship, cleaning and other services. On the Mable platform, you may also find fully qualified Registered Nurses, speech therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, certified Aged Care workers and even doctors!

What is covered by insurance?

All support workers on the Mable platform have comprehensive insurance coverage organised on their behalf. It includes cover for Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident and General Liability.

Questions to ask an aged care support worker before hiring

When interviewing a support worker, keep in mind that for them to have a profile on the Mable platform, we will have verified their identity and credentials by way of a Police Check, proof of qualifications and personal and professional references. Here are some other questions you may like to ask:

  • Can you tell me a little about yourself and the kind of person you are?
  • What characteristics do you have that make you ideal for providing aged care services?
  • Is there anything you’re uncomfortable with such as having pets around or meeting my family?
  • What do you like about being a support worker for the aged?
  • Do you have a reliable car, a driver’s license and a clean driving record?
  • Are you available for respite care or overnight care?
  • Do you have any first aid qualifications?
  • Have you ever cared for an elderly person with similar needs to mine before?
  • Are you planning to take time off in the next few months or year?

Questions from family members:

  • If my father didn’t answer the door, what would you do?
  • What would you do if my mother refuses her medication?
  • If my mother tries to offer you money or an expensive gift, how would you handle the situation?

Is Mable a good alternative to live-in carers?

The cost to hire a live-in carer is extremely high, to the tune of over $500 per day. Unless you genuinely need round-the-clock aged care services, we suggest that in-home support sessions may be a manageable option for you. Many support workers on the Mable platform offer availability outside of regular business hours. If you’re an early riser, you may find someone who can provide home care from 7am. If you need toileting assistance, daily showering and other essential services, there are support workers on Mable who are available on weekends as well. Mable is about flexibility and choice, and you can change the hours of support you need at any time.

What can I expect to pay as a client on the Mable platform?

Here are some examples of what you can expect to pay per hour for an Independent Support Person you find on the Mable platform:

  • Aged care services Sydney – $
  • Aged care services Brisbane – $
  • Aged care services Melbourne – $
  • Aged care services Canberra – $

These are a guide so if you are looking for aged care services in other centres around Australia, you will have some idea of the pricing expectations.

Put off that move to a nursing home

These days, nursing homes are quite pleasant places to live. But you don’t want to move out of your home any sooner than you reasonably have to. Some people think they’ll be able to socialise more when they living in a communal environment. While this can be true, it’s so much better to be able to make your own choices, go where you want, when you want and have all the space around you that you enjoy at home.

Mable makes it so easy for you to access the assistance you need that once you start looking at the support worker profiles, you’ll feel a world of opportunities opening up. This is your time to enjoy life and make it what you want!

Register now for free to connect with Independent Support People who can provide friendly, professional aged care services in your home and out in the community.